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Luscious Vanilla Room Spray

Luscious Vanilla Room Spray

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Fragrance Strength ★★★★★

Creamy and comforting, a cozy buttery indulgence, with a velvety sweetness akin to a scoop of the richest, silkiest vanilla bean ice cream.

Infused with blend of essential oils renowned for their aromatherapy benefits, offering 99.9% effectiveness in combating germs and bacteria, they create a soothing and refreshing atmosphere while ensuring a clean and healthy environment.

Premium Perfumers Alcohol, Organic Glycerin, Essential Oil Blend, Aqua

How to use: 
Prior to each use, gently shake the bottle to ensure proper mixing of the oils. 
Apply a few spritzes to promptly and effectively revitalize and fragrance your space. 
Adjust the frequency according to the space's size and your personal preference; the delightful aroma will linger for several hours.

External use only. Keep away from fire, heat sources, and ignition. Avoid contact with eyes; if contact occurs, rinse immediately with warm water.

50ml / 1.7oz

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